Thursday, 8 October 2020

200 days of lockdown ...

The whole world is still in an altered state of reality, this year has been the most peculiar one I have known because Covid-19 is not done with us yet, it still intrudes on our daily life & we are aware that we ignore it at our peril .... 

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As we approach 200 days of life changing times, many people are of the opinion that things are back to normal, the idea that some are invincible is evident on the high street. It is hard for several neighbours who are still shielding with health problems that put them in a vulnerable group. They have formed a little cocoon at home, away from people who might be carriers & for them, normal life is now their space. 

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." --Albert Einstein

200 days later, there is still so much we don’t understand about Covid-19 & we still don’t know why some healthy people end up on a ventilator, & why some barely have any symptoms,  yet can pass it on. The pressing issue of many scientists is to find a vaccine to protect us from this insidious disease. Only a vaccine can eliminate the fear that exists. We need to be better prepared for a future pandemic, both personally & nationally. 

Many of us have used lockdown to reset our busy lives; the expression of what normal is worth returning to has been a topic of conversation as we evaluate our time. 

Lockdown has been a fertile time for creativity in all its forms because the luxury of time has been valuable to learn new skills.  

I have learnt how to work safely as an Elective Home Education Tutor in the homes of my students - it is a different way, with a risk assessment drawn up to protect us all. My pupils have got used to seeing my various clear visors, the wiping down of surfaces where I work (the parents graciously accepting that I have to clean it myself); the incessant sanitising between students, the digital thermometer I carry in case someone is flushed, the double checks to make sure all are well, the social distance & unable to share stationery etc - it is a new way of doing things but we are making it work for us. 

We are more conscious of the routines we need to keep ourselves & others safe, but for many it is a rare time to reflect on separations from friends & family. We had tentatively planned a trip to South Africa this November to introduce him to his new great grandson, born in lockdown. However, with flights severely restricted to South Africa, this cannot happen. We are all influenced by circumstances & we must bear it as well as we can by keeping up with phone calls several times a day. Dad’s phone fills up with cute photos so he doesn’t miss out at all, precious times when we must reflect & be grateful for modern phones that contact so much easier. 

So as this marks 200 days since we have faced lockdown in various forms in the UK, I send love, light & blessings for all my followers wherever you are .... 

Thank you for your company, each & every visit & comment is much appreciated, 
Dee ~💕~

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