Monday, 24 May 2021

Enjoying a greener time

 Lockdown in its various forms has been with us for 427 days in the UK & life is still not back to any form of routine for us so I apologise for my lack of posts ... 

One of the upsides of lockdown has been the rise in people buying pot plants for their homes - this is a great thing because of the known benefits of cleaning the air, removing some of the many chemicals our homes emit from carpets, soft furnishings, furniture etc. 

I have always had some houseplants & shared my reasons in this post 

Youngest daughter come home at Christmas & has stayed on as she can work remotely; this has been an unexpected pleasure to have an adult child back home after several years at university & up north working. She brought her houseplants strapped in to the back of her car & they have happily joined our plants. Our inglenook fireplace has become the home for most of them - a large comfortable space which gets filtered light & the plants are not in the way. 

We have also been out together & have both added to our plant collections so it is looking lush here. I needed some additional plant pots & have been swayed towards metallic ones in various hues of copper, brass, hammered, ridged & plain - the catch the light & look good too. 

The dining room orchids have happily lived on the side console table for years but they have had their moments lately of not looking their best in spite of being repotted last year. I had a jiggle around & moved them across to the sideboard opposite, in front of the large mirror.  Two usually share a wounded brass container but that did not fit well so I had to move plants around to give them their own plant pots ... 

Do you have any houseplant tips or plants I should be adding? Tell all please as I love looking up interesting plants. 

Thank you for your time to stop by & read;  each & every visit & comment is much appreciated, be safe all  💖

Dee ~💕~

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