Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome to 2012

Welcome to 2012 ... it seems to have come around way too quickly ....

We saw out 2011 with friends & family who gathered at our house to eat, drink & play games while we watched Big Ben for the time - much more reliable than any of our clocks!!

As you might have gathered, I absolutely love table settings / table scapes & my New Year setting is always bright & colourful; a fresh start to the year.

My table setting once again used a string of silver with brightly coloured beads; a favourite one that I had to hunt in the loft for as it is not our Christmas colours.

No cutlery was set because I was not sure how many were coming for supper. In the end, 18 of us gathered to enjoy the evening. Do you like the bright colours? I always use gold for Christmas, silver for New Year ...

Our evening always descends into games & this time the girls took on the guys at two bite size Trivial pursuits. Us girls thought we would have the upper hand with a Food & Wine set and the guys had a general knowledge one.  Sadly, after a very promising start, we threw away our lead without them even noticing that our questions were all food related and they won 20/18

It is also a good time to put out all the extra nibbles we all get in over the festive season but don't always eat - the fruit cake, mince pies, cheese & biscuits ... you know what I mean!!

As midnight approached, we relied on Big Ben to keep us on time, champagne was poured & we all said goodbye to a difficult 2011. Many of our friends slept over so we were a full dozen at home which is always fun.

We always start New Year with a hearty breakfast for all the overnighters -12 this year. Hot pancakes with a large bowl of fresh fruit salad & yoghurt, fresh fruit juice & bacon butties for those who need something more substantial then around noon everyone makes their way home to relax for the rest of the day.

How did you spend your first day of 2012?

Please stop by & leave some comments .... my resolution is to get my blog going in 2012 & your comments will inspire me to post regularly!

Dee ~♥~

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