Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easter time ....

As Easter approaches, I look forward to having completed my Lent pledge of giving up chocolate for the 40 days. As a great chocolate lover, this has been difficult but I have held fast & am proud of not being swayed this year.
Easter cakes at home

I love the Easter process of Shrove Tuesday through to Easter Sunday & the symbols like hot cross buns, easter eggs, Simnel cake etc.


While visiting Ethiopia regularly for 4 years, I was struck by how carefully they observe their religious holidays, especially the Coptic Christians.

This is a photo of my hand & one of the pupils at the school we helped build in Tekeze - like most of the children, she was wearing a palm ring for Easter.
Palm Sunday / Easter ring, Tigray, Ethiopia

However you celebrate Easter, may it be blessed.


Dee ♥

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