Friday, 27 April 2012

Roast vegetable soup for lunch

Our weather has been very wet this week - torrential rain & grey skies. I have spent the week dodging it between students; it is not my favourite working weather because I arrive at my students dripping all over their places ...

Friday - my day off; always a welcome time in the week & this week it is catch up with chores at home time since it is not really the day to be out & about.

Fortunately, there was some roast root vegetables left from supper last night - perfect for a soup lunch. Heat up some vegetable stock, add the chopped roast vegetables into it, let it simmer till soft then mash or blend it to your ideal consistency! Easy & totally delicious.

Instead of toast, I made some quick chilli-garlic crutons & then sat down to peruse the wonderful Postcards from Penguin box set & a new book, The Five people you meet in Heaven, that arrived today.

Lunch for two

While taking the above photo for the blog, I noticed movement outside & it was our regular grey squirrel raiding the nut feeder outside in the rain!

As mischievious as he is, it is always good to see he / she has survived winter & is about again!

I recommend this box set of 100 Postcards from Penguin; It has some really good titles - these two caught my eye over lunch:

A Room of One's Own

Keeping Poultry and Rabbits on scraps

Interesting - one always needs a room or space of your own to just relax & gather your thoughts but ... I don't know what our two diva rabbits would think of scraps without their treats.

Hope your day has been good everyone, have a great Friday & weekend!

Dee ♥


  1. If the soup is anything like the one we had when we were The Ladies that Lunch - I am sure it was fabulous. Beautiful photos and a beautiful collection of postcards.
    Always lovely to read your blog

    Love The Tipsy Tart

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Tipsy one ♥, always pleased to have comments & readers ...

    It is the same type - roast veggies make the nicest soup because the flavours are so intense!

    We shall have to do lunch & a walk when the rain eventually stops. Have a great weekend ♥


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