Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lemon Trifle

We are a family that likes lemony things - a hint of citrus zest on baked chicken, a carafe of ice cold water with lemon & lime slices on the table, lemon & lime curd, lemon drizzle cake .....

Daughter was browsing through my 'The Kitchen Diaries' by Nigel Slater when she found a lemon trifle recipe that she thought we should try for a weekend pudding.

Fortunately, we had Limoncello liqueur so all we needed was some cake instead of the sponge fingers; cue for me to whip up a Victoria Sponge to use instead.

Rounds cut from the freshly baked Victoria Sponge into pretty bowls

Essential ingredient - a subtle hint of Limoncello liqueur

A mixture of cream & crème fraîche for the topping

All ready to be chilled for pudding

Fabulous Lemon trifle

It certainly was a fabulous lemon trifle.
Do you have a favourite trifle? Would it be sweet or would you be tempted by something lemony? Share your thoughts & inspirations for summer puddings ....

and per request, a closer look at the pink pitcher / jug for Susy of The Feathered Nest  it certainly looks vintage Susy, a great charity / thrift shop find with no markings underneath but the pattern is raised which adds a lovely texture to it.

I am always pleased to have feedback & comments - it makes my blogging day ...
Dee ~♥~


  1. Kudos. You make it seem so simple! This would never happen in my house, so instead I'll ask about that wonderful pitchure on the far right, with the twig handle. Thats my pottery weekness ~ all things twiggy. Looks vintage. Sigh.

    1. Ahhh Susy, two of a kind we are then - I love interesting ones & while out browsing with a friend last week in local thrift / charity shops, I saw a lady pick it up from the back of a shelf & I waited with baited breath for her to put it down then it was mine!! It is absolutely lovely with so much detail - I will do a photo in daylight & post it to this post for you ... I am sure it is vintage & it just goes so well with what we already have!

  2. I'll watch for that! It's so intricate ~ and pink!. Any mark on the bottom?

    1. Hi Susy, I have added the photo to the above, no markings but it is a lovely jug. Thanks for your interest ...


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