Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Setting the table

One of my flickr contacts asked in a message how I put together my table settings so here is a bit more information.

I love doing interesting table settings as it is always appreciated by friends & family to settle down to a lovely table. I have a growing collection of table setting / scape books that I browse for ideas before special events I set for so I have time to find additional items I might need.

I combine what we have with items I find from vintage or charity  / thrift shops & if I see something interesting, I usually have a clear idea how it will go with what we already have.

Our table is usually just set for an informal meal & I seldom use multiple glasses or cutlery settings ...

I always start with a place mat or a larger charger plate to protect the table & cloth from hot plates.

I am a bit of a hoarder & love interesting table cloths & crockery - we really are spoilt for choice.

I love interesting cutlery / silverware & have some vintage coloured sets. If there are many of us, I use a large canteen that I was gifted - a real pleasure to have enough of everything to hand.

I love to mix things up because few of us have large sets of plates that were popular gifts a generation before us.

I have lovely thin white plates which are often used with various other sets as I am particularly fond of layering up various sets ....

We have a large table in our conservatory that can take a 12 place setting but our normal dining-room table is a 6-8 place setting so I set to make it comfortable without unneeded items.

For New Year, I always like to add colour to the setting so this was my first setting ....

My trial setting did not work out - I started with a length of fabric I recently bought - it has various clocks all over it & although it is lovely with the vintage silver goblets with tea lights, but it was way too busy & I just knew that the plates could not be used with it so luckily I have not set so could change the cloth for something plainer.

This cloth would be perfect for a buffet style meal but it was too busy for now.

My second New Year setting started with a long textured white fabric - doubled over as it was meant for the large conservatory table but I loved the softness it gave to the table.  Our solid wooden chairs look too harsh so they had on their white covers & special settings always proper napkins / serviettes.

 The interesting part is then selecting the plates, glasses & candles that go together. I love the idea of TIME at the start of a New Year so it was a mixture of Ralph Lauren pocket watch plates. I don't have enough of either pattern so they are always mixed up.

Because I love the watch fabric so much, I used a panel of it on the dining room sideboard with pink candles & vivid decorations add some colour.

Pink candles just look right with my pair of deers ...

Bubbly with a splash of colour on the sideboard; I love the fun of the little decorations

 A coloured strand of beads that we always seem to use at New Year adds some brightness

I hope this inspires you to enjoy doing some interesting place settings because I just love sitting down to a special meal at a table that looks special too.

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  1. Your table looks so beautiful and perfect for New years. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Elizabeth, I love your blog & the inspiration it gives me.



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