Sunday, 6 January 2013

Twelfth Night is upon us ....

Happy Epiphany or Twelfth Night everyone.

Epiphany marks the end of Christmas when the Magi or 3 Wise men brought gifts of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh. Many cultures mark this time with special ceremonies like Chalking of the Door & special meals - in our home it is the time when Christmas is packed away.

This is traditionally the time when all our decorations should be down & put away for another year, or they are supposed to stay up for the rest of the year (according to my late grandmother who liked such rituals).

The festive plates on  the sideboard have given way to our normal ones again - for now ....

I think it looks rather plain without the ivy along the top.

Our real tree survived being indoor, dropped some needles & is now hugging the sheltered wall against the house, where it will remain while it gets used to being outdoors again, then it will be potted on in the garden.

My front door garland  a-gift-from-heart is still looking really lovely so it is now on our shed door so we can enjoy it from the house.

I always really miss the fireplace garland coming down because it really suits the fireplace & once it is down it all looks really dull ....

However, the scene is brightened up by the hint of my home grown hyacinth bulbs starting to show their colours. They were planted really late after the squirrels ate my usual ones  squirrels trying-my-patience.html & the replacement ones were planted & brought into the garage & 10 days ago, they came inside to the warmth & there is now a promise of both colour & scent.

After the festive red & gold colours, I love to bring in the bright greens & pinks - hints of Spring to just lift the spirits .....

I will make us a cake for Epiphany to mark the occasion - not a galette des rois (or kings’ tart) which is a traditional almond pastry cake, but a lighter sponge.

Are your decorations down? Do you change things to make up for the bareness left after the decorations come down?

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