Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Happy Easter

It is hard to believe that it is Easter already. Is it just me or does the year seem to be marching on so quickly?

As all my regular readers will know,  our conservatory sideboard changes several times a year.

I love that sideboard - a painted, heavy old oak sideboard that just - I really mean just - fits in to the space between the two doors.  Because we use the conservatory all the time for meals, crafts, tea, projects & more, it is the place that I love to change the most.

Easter … mmmm … the girls beautiful Susie Watson crockery is perfect for Easter & they just don't use it often enough so the perfect time to bring it out where it can be used.

The sets were collected over time & I love them. I shared them previously with their fairy magic ….

The top one is by Gabriella Miller but it fits well so that is the main thing ….

The lovely Ms M gifted me this gorgeous hand made bunny bowl one birthday & I love it so that definitely has a place on the sideboard.

An Easter sideboard needs Easter eggs & bits - I usually get similar figures for the girls so you might notice them dotted all over.

Vintage finds sit happily with very modern things - that is always best as things are chosen with 'the same eye' so they naturally blend with existing items at home.

Eggs … Lindt bunnies are the chocolate of choice in our home. What is yours?

Happy Easter everyone - I hope you have a blessed family time.
Dee ~♥~


  1. I love your seasonal sideboard! Hope you have a very Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks Debs - hope you & yours have had a fabulous Easter too ….


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