Thursday, 19 March 2015

Spring brightness ….

Phew - after a long Winter, we are finally enjoying some brighter days & this always spurs me on to bring in brighter colours.

The reds of Christmas & Winter give way to brighter colours in Spring.  We have had no proper snow this Winter, just a long wet time.

I am always impatient for change & the first place the change happens is in the conservatory where the sideboard takes on a lighter, brighter palette which is much fresher.

I love crockery! There I said it …

As a student, I worked in a china & glass department of an upmarket Johannesburg Store & that consolidated my love of beautiful china. My Mom always set a lovely table & the range that opened up during my student work, has stayed with me since my late teens.

I love living close-ish to the world famous potteries of Stoke on Trent & it is such a joy to just see such lovely things …

I digress - my Spring sideboard brings in many different elements & styles & somehow they all sit quite happily together.

My regular readers will recognise some things from last years Spring sideboard.

I love the Spring like brightness of the Ikea plates with their bright green & pink pattern & the lighter food we tend to enjoy in Spring just looks more tempting on them.

They work well with the pretty Gisela Graham plates with their fluted & rimmed edges.

The plates team well with these rimmed glasses which we use often for juice & drinks in the conservatory because they are sturdy & yet very pretty.

Bright IKEA serviettes are perfectly Spring-like too

Lovely textures repeated throughout the patters which link them together; a green glass platter doubling up as a tray for the drinks & adding a splash of colour too ….

I am pleased with the combinations & we will use the things over the next few weeks which is why I love changing the sideboard …

Our clocks will be leaping forward for Spring soon. I'm ready for lighter, brighter weather & dining - how about you?

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Dee ~♥~

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