Monday, 16 March 2015

The garden awakens ….

It is always exciting to pop into the garden & find evidence of Spring. It is one of my favourite times as the bulbs start to poke their cheerful heads through the ground.

I am quite partial to the brightness of crocuses & daffodils. They just inject a welcome splash of colour in the most unlikely parts of the garden.

These have been tucked under the hedge for winter & it is a lovely surprise to see them ready to flower.

Promise of vibrant colour ready to burst open ….

I am partial to the loveliness of Hellebores. They are those unsung beauties that are easy to grow, form large green clumps then wonderful flowers when little else is about. I have several & they are always such a surprise to see their flowers ….

The delicateness of the flowers belie their hardiness. The creamy colour is so elegant.

I had forgotten about this colour - a welcome surprise

I love how they hang their delicate heads so the sunlight shines through the creamy leaves

An untidy winter garden brightened up by this burst of unexpected colour.

I was gifted this new bird feeder by my Wondering Star daughter & Andy.  I know my little friendly robin will enjoy treats out of this so I have put it in one of my large potted topiaries where it often visits.

This pot will soon be full of white feverfew blossoms so the bird shaped supports will be needed for support.

This is also the time of the year when I take garden photos to remind me of the changes I want to make to the winter structure of the garden. Ours is still too bare in winter, too dull, too empty.

That is one of my Summer jobs - to add ever green structure to the garden so that it looks good in all seasons but for now - I am enjoying the spring colour.

Thanks for your company - are you enjoying the changing seasons where you are?

Dee ~♥~

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