Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Our hedgehog is such a fussy eater ….

My regular visitors will already be acquainted with the numerous wildlife that pass through our Shropshire garden, particularly the random hedgehogs mentioned here and here ….

Recent reports of the decline in their numbers has spurred me on to making sure that I feed them regularly - they need all the help (and food) they can get.

This past month has seen our front hedgehog house being well used as a feeding station each night.  I have been very good about putting out food each night - mealworms are a firm favourite, and they have been gone by the morning.

Our recently installed outdoor cameras have caught the hedgehog making its way around the garden - taking his time, ambling along, sometimes spending 15-20 minutes in the garden close to midnight.

The hedgehog sign on the top of the house as I have been asked what it is for ….

Last night I was down to the last of the mealworms (the baby blue tits like them too) so I decided to try the Waitrose cat biscuits again. They were not liked last time around but another try is always good?

So I mixed them  up with the mealworms, smug in the illusion that they were Waitrose ones that might be marginally better than other ones but no ……

A decisive NO from our spoilt hedgehog.

I lifted the lid & it was like a kid throwing food around - the container was tipped over - strewn about the house & only the mealworms eaten!  He even pooped by the container … oh dear - I think that means NO!

So I cleaned it out with a brush - aired the house by leaving the roof raised & then went to buy more mealworms.

 I even looked in at our garden centre & bought a bag of hedgehog biscuits!

I hope this will satisfy our noisy hedgehog & stop him from stropping about his food. Do you have any hedgehog advice for me? I will let you know how it goes - please stop back again for an update!

Dee ~♥~


  1. What a posh set up your hedgehog has! We recently had two hedgehogs in the garden. I've never heard such noise.

    1. Our front garden is open to the road so I wanted them to be safe while there. They certainly are noisy creatures but so lovely. I love watching them on our camera everyday - I scroll thru till I see his antics ….

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