Monday, 24 August 2015

The blues in action ….

Hi everyone

I hope you are having a better summer than ours in the UK - I think I missed the 3 days of summer we were supposed to have had.  We invited some friends to join us for supper this weekend and since the sideboard was set blue, it was always going to be a blue night!

Table set in the conservatory for a relaxed supper for friends & their children.  A casual table setting for us 10 with chunky wine glasses that are more sturdy & can't be knocked over easily  ….

Late summer casual supper for friends & Godchildren - with a view of the garden …

A plain white table cloth then a bright IKEA blue patterned tablecloth adds a modern touch.

The Ikea blue glass plate for starters platters of breads, cheese, olives & balsamic vinegar / olive oil to give everyone a chance to chat & relax in a continental way that is always popular.

Main course white plates & blue & white pudding bowls …

Tables outside on the patio for drinks before the heavens opened & we had thunder & lightning as well as torrential rain …

Relaxed starters while the storm raged around us - Godson was not impressed by the thunder & lightning, luckily the other visiting children & friends were not fussed about the storm that raged about us …

Chicken, broccoli & leek plaits for relaxed eating ….

Healthy salads made by a friend

 The blues work well & are being used more often ….

Us girlies doing what girlies do - selfies. We all have busy lives & don't catch up as often as we should.

Relaxed suppers are just the thing for catching up with friends. I hope you have managed to do a few things over your summer too. Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to read & comment ...
Dee ~♥~

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