Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Mixing up the blues ….

While doing the Blue Danish sideboard, I decided to do some variations because I have several patterns which are complimentary patterns with just small variations as they were made by various potteries over the years.

I shared some of the patterns in a previous post  when I packed it up in January.

I duly mixed up the patterns - some clearly more vivid than others but pleasing all the same.

The various thicknesses of plates can be seen - the Blue Danish pattern runs right to the edge & they are much thinner than the modern versions …

 Modern Ikea blue glass plates are a lovely contrast …

Another pattern with more white

Jugs in various sizes & designs …

Sandwich plates & modern blue glass as well as another pattern …

Several designs on the gravy boats …

The Masons design with fluted edges

Saxon bowl …

A modern Villeroy & Boch design that fits in nicely …

 Mixing up the jugs …

Various coffee cups & mugs - 4 different sets - can you spot the differences?

The important issue - how well do they all sit together?

The patterns all have a common colour & pattern variation so I think they work well together ...

I am definitely going to mix it up more often so it gets used regularly. What do you think?

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  1. What a great collection! I've loved the opportunity of seeing the bottom of the pieces with the sign I don't know if this is the exact way of saying it


    1. Hi Marina - I also love turning china over to look at the backstamps which tell you which pottery house made them … I also love that the pattern is so widely used!

  2. What a beautiful porcelain! In fact I have myself a part of the same porcelain in your pictures :) I love blue and white porcelain, classic. And the patterns you show is a good match, I think. And what a nice design at the Villeroy and Boch china !!

    Have a nice weekend!

    hug aka

    1. Hiya Aka - thanks for your comment - that certainly is a classic design & it is nice to modernise it a bit so it is used more often. It is a shame that china is not collected these days - we are losing this tradition x
      Hope your weekend is drier than ours in Shropshire x


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