Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Bringing the Autumn woodland theme indoors ...

Hi everyone, hope your week is going well?

It will be no surprise that I have been tinkering with the sideboard again. All our rear windows at home face the garden with its bird feeders & varied wild life visitors constantly entertaining us.

The darker nights & cold weather has reminded me how much our garden birds rely on the feeders.  They flit in & out of the numerous feeders all day, finding their favourite seeds, nuts or fat balls.  We are often woken by the noisy dawn chorus. We were visited by this Sparrow Hawk last weekend …

The 2 squirrels have been raiding the nut feeders & burying the nuts all over the lawns. The hedgehogs  love the untidy corner under the hedges with small woodpiles & fallen leaves for them to overwinter & shelter under or take up residence in one of the many wooden hedgehog houses.

I shared my lovely Spode Woodland plates last year and used them at almost the same time which just shows that this is the right time to show them off again.

However, I never use them in the same way twice so this is my take this year  ….

I used some silver bowls & dishes from the kitchen to brighten up the sideboard - some of the lovely large pinecones picked up on walks, along with some small antlers, crystal bottle stoppers & led lights.

This bowl has some more antlers & some of my Acer leaves I pressed last month as they dropped off ...

The luminous green & silver bowl is perfect with pheasant feathers & some pressed leaves from our garden …

Some familiar items - my large platter remains, along with some wooden bowls & some Autumn pressed leaves from the garden. A vintage Venetian green & silver glass set looks just right …

The Spode Woodland plates are just so Autumnal …

A few nice changes - the silver reflections are a welcome brightness as the nights draw in.

The sideboard will soon become more festive but for now, I am thinking of the woodland creatures of Autumn who make our lives more interesting.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are getting ready for the festive season too.
Dee ~♥~


  1. We have two festivity days at the beginning of December, the 6th and the 8th, so we usually go out every year to pick up small branches and leaves to decorate the house.
    Hugs from the South of Spain


    1. Hi Marina - that sounds absolutely lovely - I hope you will blog & share the day with us!


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