Sunday, 15 November 2015

Some favourite Portobello china ….

Hi everyone

My blog is my outlet for my creative spirit - I share my home, my projects,  my photography & am always pleased when a post touches someone to respond because they have enjoyed it or because it means something to them personally.….

This past week, a comment on a previous post did just that!

My post on Mother's Day breakfast setting showed my favourite plates which we use often at home - the gorgeous Portobello pattern by Portmeirion.

We once lived in a street called Portobello & these were bought so that we had something with that name on it.  However,  I only have 5 of the white ones & 2 of the green rimmed ones & a solitary bowl & a tea towel so it is very much a set only used for us at home.

However, regulars will have seen the pattern several times like this setting on my flickr, or this one with pancakes , or this breakfast one. The common theme seems to be pancakes :)

I digress - the lady who made contact was the designer of this favourite pattern - what a talented person Siobhan is . Please visit her stunning website April Rose Illustration to view her work.  I offered to send her some more photos so I decided to display them on my conservatory sideboard.

How beautiful is this pattern?  The plain white plates with an elegant border of flowers, the bowl is green outside & white inside with the single motif ….

I love to mix things up - old & new, vintage with modern. The Laura Ashley hangers turned around to their other side …

Bringing out the pink accents with some Ikea lanterns & battery LED lights that I love using in winter

A favourite vintage jug - found in a thrift / charity shop years ago & used often. Don't you love the relief pattern on it?

A modern jug & a vintage cut glass salt dish sit side by side …

Vintage family cutlery that we love using & which is often seen on our table settings

The plates need something so I teamed them up with large Royal Doulton charger plates

The sideboard with my few Portmeirion Portobello things - old & new meet on my sideboard

The vintage candlesticks are ready for winter too ….

I am in awe of designers who brighten up our lives with their beautiful designs & we should embrace & use our pretty things or at least have them on display to brighten up our spaces.

Thank you Siobhan of April Rose Illustrations or making contact - your designs are both beautiful & useful. Her greeting cards are absolutely beautiful - perfect for sending a beautiful note off to say Thank-You, I thought of you, Happy Birthday or much more …

Siobhan also sent me some gorgeous cards as a gift. I write several times a month to my Dad in South Africa so he will be getting some of these dropping in to his postbox & I know he will love them as much as I do.

Thank you so much, they are beautiful & there is nothing like getting a proper card or letter to lift the day ...

Has anyone else moved away from full matching sets to mixing up old & new so that things are used more often?

Dee ~♥~


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