Saturday, 6 February 2016

Time for some pancake flipping ...

Hi everyone,

The UK really embraces Shrove Tuesday or pancake day in a big way! This year it falls on Tuesday 9th February & it is always time for communities, schools & families to bond over a pan ...

Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday & the start of the 40 days of Lent when you are supposed to give up something until Easter.

I lOVE pancakes & we often make some small ones as a quick treat with whatever fruit we have to hand at home.

For small scotch pancakes I use my Mom's recipe

1 cup plain flour
1 egg
5/8th cup of milk (or more to make a thinnish batter)

For small pancakes, I cook 3 at a time in the pan, turning them when bubbles have formed on the top.

For thinner, large pancakes, I make the mixture a bit more runny with extra milk then use a soup ladle to spoon some in to a hot frying pan & swirling it around. I flip it over when it is done on the first side

Some favourite fillings include any fruit we have at home & Greek yoghurt. We always have lots of cinnamon sugar & a little maple syrup drizzled over it ....

Small or large ones?

Small or large ones?

Pancakes are good with any fruit you have to hand ...

A quick treat ...

How will you be having yours? Do you flip or slide them over? There are some lovely ideas here if you need it ...

After chats with my students this week, I was surprised to know that some bought in ready made pancakes!!!

What - I cried in surprise - WHY? Half the fun is gathering around the stove to make & flip the pancakes then carry them to the table to stack it  up with your choice of filling ...

I hope that is what you will do this Shrove Tuesday.  Do tell what your traditions are & which fillings you favour ...

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  1. I love them, we have made them today.

    Hugs from the South of Spain


    1. Hiya Marina - I am so glad someone else loves pancakes too. I am sure yours were fabulous! Have a great week x


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