Monday, 15 February 2016

A replacement mirror needs painting ...

Hi everyone,

I know that many of you are handy at decorating & love tinkering about the home.

The lovely mirror in one of the girls bedrooms made its home in Birmingham with A Wondering Star daughter. I was pleased that it is enjoyed in a different setting and I have been looking for a replacement one that is both a generous size and one that could be painted again.

Luckily, I found this large sized one locally and decided it would be a good replacement mirror.

I was not daunted by the silver colour because I knew it would need a make over. I rather liked the bevelled mirror & deep, generous frame.

I started by taping up the mirror to make it easier for painting.  The tape gives a neat edge without fussing about removing paint so is always worth doing.

The generous modern frame was painted in Annie Sloan's Graphite - the same intense colour which was used on the first one.

I decided to use the same Annie Sloan Graphite Chalk paint again & as the name suggests, it is the colour of pencil lead. As you can see from the state of the tin, it is a well used colour.

Goodbye silver, hello graphite ....

I love how Graphite brings out the curves of the shape of the frame as it highlights the details ...

Lovely frame depth & detail ...

Once the paint dries, it looks matt & not very exciting ...

Time for waxing - I want a deep colour so am using the dark wax.  You can see how the colour intensifies as soon as you wipe wax on it.

Smooth, shiny, dark finish once the wax is lightly buffed.

The frame was left overnight for the wax to harden before it was ready to be hung up in the upstairs bedroom above the chest of drawers.  You can see from this photos how big the mirror is - really generous, solid wooden mirror.

It looks perfect in the bedroom - another paint job completed!

Do you change things about & are you in favour of painted details? Thanks for stopping by & for taking the time to comment.
Dee ~♥~

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  1. Lovely job on the mirror. I painted a small table for my sister in AS graphite and used dark wax also. She loved it and uses it in her dining room. Your mirror looks stunning! Love the black and white decor!


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