Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas trees with pizzazz ....

Hi everyone,
I am sure you are all in the throws of final preparations for Christmas. I have shared my tree at home, a deer one. When we popped in to the loft to get out the tree & decorations, we grabbed the boxes closest to us & they were the ones used recently. My to-do list for next year has a reminder to go in to the loft & sort out the many decorations lurking there ...

However, I digress, while in Riga,  this shop caught my eye & I just had to go inside. It was one of those upmarket shops which sell the most exquisite things.

I just had to take photos of these exceptional trees & their stunning decorations.

Look at the gorgeously extravagant decorations ...

A beautiful fairy ..

These bright ones would be my choice for New Year when I always introduce colour in to the home to welcome in the New Year - how can you not look at this & be uplifted? The riot of colour is just stunning ....

And this locked cabinet held beautiful little treasures ...

I hope you have enjoyed this special shop in Riga, I do not know its name but it was a lovely place to visit on a crisp afternoon.

Thank you for stopping by & taking the time to read & comment,
 Dee ~♥~


  1. Really Amazing, I have no words. Thanks a lot for sharing

    Merry Christmas from The South of Spain


    1. Hi Marina, thank you for stopping by, I loved them too. Have a wonderful Christmas in Spain, hope yours is blessed x


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