Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Be thankful ....

Our thoughts turn to our many readers who celebrate Thanksgiving this week.

My lovely friend Liane has family in the US & we have had several Shropshire Ladies Thanksgiving suppers at my home.

I love blue & this was reflected with the lovely bits I have now put on the sideboard / dresser

 What a thankful time us ladies had ....

A favourite setting with pheasant feathers & all white china

My love of bright colour is reflected in this cerise table setting ...

Unfortunately this year, time constraints on both our parts means that we have not planned to do anything, but that did not mean I could not change my sideboard / dresser to show some of the lovely Staffordshire china that we use for our table settings for Thanksgiving.

Cobalt blue impressed images of Martha & George

A vintage  meat platter appropriately called 'Fallow Deer' joins the collection.

Cobalt blue Ikea glass plates are popular to break up the patterns.

Uncle Sam ...

This elegant gravy / pouring container ...

 I am a great fan of blue china, especially as this was made locally in our potteries & shipped half way around the world. It speaks to me of tradition, of history, of being thankful!

to all those who celebrate it - may your blessings be abundant & your home be blessed with thankful family & friends. 

Thank you for stopping by & taking time to read & comment,

Dee ~♥~

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