Monday, 23 April 2018

Hand made kiln fired glass art work ...

I have just returned from a visit to my Father in South Africa again. He lives in the vast openness of the Karoo with its huge contrasts.

On my visit last August, I popped in to the local artist Marguerite Beneke . She had shown us around her studio on previous visits & I am in awe of how well she captures the essence of the Karoo through her glass work.

She describes herself as a 'kiln fused glass artist'. Much of the work is fired more than once, each hand painted on the initial glass which is then fired again with the glass beads / bits & placed in a mould to give the various shapes she uses for her bowls & dishes.

These are some of her Karoo inspired work which she sells at galleries all over South Africa.

I am partial to proteas - I just wish I had space in my case for this one ...

Windmills dot the vast Karoo landscapes & are much loved ...

There are so many beautiful buck in the Karoo & South Africa - they are special creatures ...

So very beautiful ...

I bought this one as a gift for a wondering star & her hubby - a gift from the Karoo where her grandfather lives, their decor is inclined to grey colours so it fits in well  ... 

I bought 4 small painted tiles for myself - to remind me of the landscape & things I love.

I always look in on the new work on Marguerite's instagram & am always amazed at her beautiful items.  Do you have a favourites artist that you like to follow?
Dee ~💕~


  1. I love the windmills. My oldest son gave us a replica windmill for our's soothing to hear it running and since I love wind it is special to me!
    On another note, I read a blog written by a lady in the Karoo region. It's fun and I think of you two each time I read.
    Also, we have a tennis player on the local college tennis team, who was born in Uppington, SA. She is a very nice lady that I LOVE to hear speak!!
    Blessings to you,

    1. Hi Jaybird, for some reason your comment slipped through. I love her work, & I too love windmills - they are so relaxing to watch. I am so pleased you find our accent interesting. Blessings back to you .... x


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