Sunday, 22 April 2018

My succulents are thriving ...

Hiya everyone

Our weather is looking a lot more Spring like & the jobs are just waiting to be done after our long, grey, wet winter.

One of the most pressing jobs seems to be the succulents that grow in my conservatory at home. It is not heated in winter, but it is light & bright & the succulents thrive, so much so that they keep outgrowing their pots.

They were repotted exactly a year ago - how can they outgrow & multiply so quickly?

I had popped to Ikea with a friend & saw these indoor Bittergurka planters - they should be able to sit on the window sills so I purchased 3 of them.

Once home, while the sun was out, it was time once again to repot these rampant succulents.

Some of the extras were potted up in these cute tin containers for a friend ...

The aloe vera is just loving the conditions - it was gifted by a friend - a single plant that keeps multiplying - I need to use it more for medicinal purposes

The gifted plants look happy & healthy & will soon be on their way to their new home.

An afternoon  well spent.  Thank you for popping by, I hope you are keeping on top of all your seasonal jobs too.

Dee ~💕~

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