Monday, 25 February 2019

Mixing up the blues for Spring

Hi everyone

I am loving having the blues in the dining room, it is a nice change & feels much fresher as we approach Spring.  I planted some little grape hyacinths in the two blue containers & they are just coming in to flower.

 The table cloth is from IKEA, bought a few years ago & used often at home.

Don’t you just love the boldness of it? The winter tartan curtains still have to be swapped again ...

I used pink flowers to contrast with the blue & whites & it feels fresh. 

I decided to change the conservatory sideboard / dresser too as I have a large collection of blue & white china / pottery.

The china is stored in the large cupboard in the kitchen so it was a perfect opportunity to get out some favourites.

The Blue Danish pattern & its variations are so lovely. Much of it was gifted to me from the in laws attic where it had been for decades, unused.  I have added to it over time as it is a set I enjoy using.

I decided on some dark blue & white in the end. I fortunately have some bright daffodils that are just coming in to flower to the perfect contrast.

Can you see the contrasting patterns? The oval dish in the centre is the oldest, some of the others are an old Spode pattern, along with some vintage blue willow.

The flower pots / vases are a mixture of Delft & modern chinese ones which contrast well. I do rather like houses so my little collection of delft houses (KLM) sit on the top, with a Flemish one bought on a trip last year & another Dutch one on the same shelf.

They all go together because they are things chosen with the same eye (mine) and because they are linked by the colours.

I know that I have blue & white Easter decorations so I rather think this will be up for a while so a bit of forward planning is always useful because we genuinely love this space & it is the most used room at home.

It feels fresh, the cheerful daffodils makes it feel Spring like & is an uplifting space.

Have you welcomed Spring in to your home yet? Thank you for stopping by & taking time to read, visit & leave a comment so I know you have been.

Thank you for your company, stop by again soon,
Dee ~💕~


  1. Your blues are beautiful. I wear blue, but I leave the collections to sister-in-law and daughter-in-law!! My transferware is red and white. For spring, I add yellow and apple green to the mix. I have not yet done any spring décor, but I feel it coming on :^)
    Have a lovely season and eat LOTS of rhubarb for me...It does not grow in Texas, but I have always loved it since I am a Connecticut yankee at heart!!

    1. Oh Jaybird, a very belated thank you for your lovely comment, I love to hear about how other people decorate their homes too. I need a rhubarb plant ... have a blessed week,


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