Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Sewing some book sleeves

Hi all,

I am still in sewing mode while self isolating. Youngest daughter Stacy often carries reference books around with her in her bag & finds they get dog eared & so she asked me to make her some book sleeves.

She sourced this gorgeous fabric & I matched up some contrasting lining fabric - I absolutely love the colours & the marbling effect of the colours. I choose these lining fabrics that complement it.

I will run through the method I used to make it & I hope I will inspire some others to make them too.

I used:
- Cotton fabric & lining fabric
- sewing machine
- scissors
- batting for padding
- iron
- pins
- tape measure or book for sizing

I measured a common sized book that many of us would carry around. I added about 2 cm all round for the hems. Mine was about 20cm by 24 cm high - adjust for your own book.

Cut 2x each of the outer fabric, lining fabric & batting (6 pieces)

 Place the batting first, then the other fabric on top, right side up, then the lining fabric, wrong side up

Batting, outer fabric (right side up), lining fabric (wrong side up)

Ready for sewing the top of the bag - pin so it stays together

Pin the top edges through all 3 pieces ready for sewing. Sew the three layers together then open up.

Do the same with both lots of 3.  Open them up & iron the seam flat & towards the lining side.

Place the two sets on top of each other, matching the same fabrics, right side together.

NOTE the two yellow pins on the bottom of the pinned fabric - this will be left open to turn the finished bag through.

 Sew from the one yellow pin all the way around to the other, leaving the gap between the two pins.

Snip off the extra fabric on the corners then put your hand in the gap & pull it through the right way,  gently push out the corners to neaten them.

Pulling it through the gap left at the bottom. Press the seams then stitch the gap closed, either by hand or just a straight machine stitch. This will not be seen as it will be inside the book sleeve, at the bottom.

Push your lining in to your book sleeve. I like a row of top stitching to neaten the edge & keep it all in place so stitch all the way around the top, neaten the threads.

Complete - a padded book sleeve.

The process as a quick review ...

The process for quick reference

Two book bags with different lining fabric - one turquoise, one blue

A blue lining fabric ....

I still have some more of this lovely fabric & contrasting lining choices so I will be making Stacy some additional sizes & hopefully will be able to post them to her once our self isolation ends.

I hope this has inspired you to make one too for all those books you carry around. I am going to make a customised one with a pocket for a pen & bits to carry my travel diaries in on my trips .... I will keep you updated when I do.

Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to your company & comments, tell me if you make them, 

Dee ~💕~

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