Sunday, 12 April 2020

Our Easter at home ....

Happy Easter everyone

We might be separated by distance but we are together in each others hearts & thoughts.

 A simple table for just two of us - a bit of blue & white which is a change for us - my great grandparents always look down on us at mealtimes, a connection to those who have gone before. I think I would have liked them very much ...

I decided to put up the white tree that I use for various occasions - all these decorations were in my Easter box in the garage, all used in previous years. 
 The dining room sideboard has my two  lady statue / busts & they often wear headdresses to match various decorations. I only had 1 bunny headdress - no chance to get any Easter things but you know what, it is just fine to enjoy what we have already.

Blue chargers & white plates (the blue chargers are usually used for small pancakes) and an Easter tea towel with blue patterns became a table runner. The two rabbits hopped through from the conservatory for our lunch ...
 This was the only Easter thing I bought - an Italian cake that is similar to panettone but with a lemon centre - quite tasty ...
Even though we are in lockdown, we are allowed 1 walk a day near the home. This is our local lake & it is a pretty walk with the swans & coots nesting. I also saw the two terrapins for the first time today. The banks of daffodils are quite spectacular ... life is good when you appreciate the simple things. 
Our parish church always puts up two crosses on the road running through our suburb & this year, members of the same family did it (observing social distancing rules) and it always feels like Easter when the familiar observances appear. 

However you celebrate Easter, may it be a peaceful & blessed time.

Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to your company & comments, take care

Dee ~💕~

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