Friday, 14 December 2012

A pure & simple Christmas tree

At last - our tree is decorated, almost a week after we brought it home from the local nursery. It did not go without problems as mentioned here ....


However - once the defunct led lights were taken off, I had an inspired idea to use creamy, white berry lights that we use in a lantern by the clock.

Our real Christmas tree at home in Shropshire

We decided on a pure, simple tree & so it is decorated with white baubles, some white & red knitted baubles & a few IKEA Christmas folk.

A wooden Merry Christmas sign & some lantern holders

I love the simplicity of it & it fits in the bay window - the colours complement our decor completely & it looks very pretty.

Do you like the change? Are you ready for Christmas.

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Thanks for stopping by,
Dee ~♥~


  1. Dee I reeeally like the tree! Good job.

    My father was also born on Christmas. Although he's been gone for many years, we continue the tradition of having birthday cake for Christmas dessert.

    1. Oh Susy - that is a lovely thought & I think we may just adopt it too. Thank you for stopping by & for sharing that, it is much appreciated.


  2. Awesome tree Dee! My god children and I, just put ours up too. Is always so exciting for them and great quality time too.
    Christian x

    1. My dear Cousin
      Thank you for stopping by - Godchildren are special & so it i lovely to share that event with them. I would love to see what your tree looks like. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you will become a regular visitor.
      Dee x

  3. Lovely Dee! Good definition!! x Kathy

    1. Too kind as always my dear friend - something different is always good. Your tree is stunning too with its white feathery lights - I might just share it here ♥


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