Sunday, 2 December 2012

My photos in print ...

My regular visitors know of my love for photography - I am completely self taught & as my camera's have improved, so have my skills (or so I like to think)

I know I have a good eye because I did Art as part of my teacher training but my talents tend to be more on the creative side. I know if a photo looks good or if a composition works & am developing the skills needed to improve my photography!

Some weeks ago, I was contacted via my flickr deirdre to ask for permission to use some photos by  St Mary's Stafford to ask if they could use my photos taken in their church for Christmas cards for fund raising.

St Mary's church angels, Stafford

A friend & I had sheltered in the church on a visit to Stafford & having a camera handy, I did some photos & put them in the collage above.

Having been advised that the cards are now printed & being sold, I made a return trip to purchase some.

St Mary's Stafford

What a thrill to see my photo in print on the card - with the image that they used as well - the carved angel on a pew end.

It was fitting that our visit co-incided with the church being decked out for the first Sunday of Advent with the purple banners, cloths & candles ...

St.Mary's Church Stafford

I am honoured that my photos have been used to raise funds for this very beautiful church.

I found these words on the St. Mary's website & they perfectly mirror my thoughts about the commercialisation of Christmas that is worth thinking about:

Advent is a season of waiting and anticipation. In this age of instant gratification waiting has largely been lost. We pre-empt everything: Christmas cards on sale in the summer; hot cross buns as soon as Christmas is over. By the time Christmas arrives the decorations in the shops are looking tired and the carols stop on Boxing Day when the sales begin.

Let us return to learning the meaning of waiting, to give time and not get caught up in the mad frenzy of commercialization, but to stop and think what it is really all about, to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Christ child.

I wish you all a blessed first Sunday of Advent ....

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