Sunday, 9 December 2012

Selecting a Christmas tree

It is that time of the year when thoughts turn to Christmas. 

We have had a difficult year with the passing of my Mother whose birthday was on Christmas Day so the two are entertwined for me.

Our past trees have always glowed with loads of gold decorations & shimmery lights that lit it all up.

This year, something different is needed because for me, Christmas will be both different & difficult so we decided on a real tree with very much simpler decorations ...

While growing up in Africa, my parents had always had a fresh tree which was then planted out in the garden after the festive season will we had our own small wood of trees  ...

A students Mum had recommended a local saw mill / estate that has fresh trees so we headed down to look at the selection.

We selected a modest tree - mindful of the space it would take & the size it could grow to (not quite sure what will happen to the tree after Christmas - perhaps it will be repotted for the garden)

The tree, home safely but all trussed up like a turkey. The pot it is growing in needs another pot under so off to the local garden centre to find something large enough to hold the pot & catch the water ....

Putting up some lights after testing them first then deciding on how we wanted it decorated - simple, Scandanavian style was decided on.

Had some trouble with the tree  - it is not straight is it? Leaning to the left so more fiddling around ....

Then it was time to head to the loft to look through all the boxes of decorations to find those we need.

If you are like me, you get distracted by all the things up there - ahh, forgotten about this; so cute, will it go?

Packing a selection in a bag to go down the ladder - the reindeer headbands are for the bunnies photo ....

So have a bag of decorations downstairs but have not yet decorated the tree because it was all going well with the twinkly lights then .... flicker .... and nothing!!

Don't you just hate that! I have tried another plug but it seems as if the whole long string of white LED's will have to come down & new ones will have to go on the tree - not easy as the pine needles are quite prickly!

I hope you will look back in again to get an update & hopefully a view of the real Christmas tree ....

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