Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Are beaded doilies ever chic?

Warmer weather is here at last & so I took my large jug of iced orange & lemon water out into the garden with me while I set to work on the many jobs - you know the ones that all need doing as soon as Summer arrives?

Very refreshing .... until the insects sniffed it out .... then I headed back inside for my trusty beaded doilies that came from my grandmother, mother & mother in law!

Much better - I did some pictures & thought about the choices we make ....

I love fresh juice & water in clear glass jugs or the tall carafe because we often have ice, lemon & other citrus in it & it just looks better in glass ....

However, we also have some lovely ceramic jugs that are used because they are studier & just as lovely with their patterns ....

 Glass or ceramic jugs for juice?

At this point in time, we may as well wade into the doily issue. I know many people consider them really 'granny chic' & they are barely tolerated but they are marvellous at keeping drinks free from insects & flies & so I use these ones all the time.

It is so easy to keep food bowls covered with neat & trendy umbrella covers but jugs?  Is there a modern equivalent of a beaded doily for jugs? Mine are all vintage family ones that I love.

Do you use doilies? Granny chic, shabby chic or just not chic?

Please share your views & advice for this Summer problem.

Dee ~♥~


  1. We are managing tropical storm Andrea at the moment, so outside activities are out of the question today. I have several doilies;none of them beaded. They make the perfect covering for pitchers and appear more elegant doing something other than keeping dust at bay on the dresser. Have a great weekend Dee (while I hunt for a crochet needle and beads to fix my doilies)!

    1. Stay safe Lynda with Andrea raging about you. I cannot even begin to imagine how that is as I have not lived with it.

      Thanks for the thumbs up re doilies - all of mine are vintage & were the things people used to sit & make to pass the time, & they were useful too. My grandmother always had one on a milk jug too ...

      I hope you will show us your handiwork - sadly I do not crochet but am going to have some help from Riekie at sometime ...


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