Friday, 14 June 2013

Healthy Summer food

It is so much easier to eat healthy in warm weather when light foods & salads are the norm in our household.

The warm weather means that we can have lots of walks around our local lake

Our drink of choice is lots of citrus water which is good for skin & weight too

Pitta breads are perfect light suppers - wholewheat ones with lean meatballs & lots of salad

My favourite salad dressing is a light drizzle of this fabulous balsamic vinegar

There is nothing nicer than getting out in the sunshine & eating al fresco on the patio with the fountain nearby

Whole roast chicken with new potatoes, a spicy salsa, houmous & salad - perfect!

Fresh fruit is a perfect end to a meal with meringues, yoghurt & grated dark chocolate

Good for the heart too ....

A whole roast chicken also means that the next day we can have homemade chicken & vegetable pies with salad - really tasty ....

My wine boffs have moved back home so we are spoilt for choice with

and some refreshing champagne beer ...

What is your favourite warm weather / light food?  Is it easier to have salads? Please inspire me with some new recipes ....

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Dee ~♥~


  1. Mmmm, dreaming of summer fruit salads, ice cream, picnics by the beach.. It's getting chilly downunder so i'm snuggled under the blankets with red wine & a massaman curry tonight!

    Clare x

    1. I know just what you mean - warm weather means lots of salads & fruit after the heavier winter weather ...


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