Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Homemade pizza time

I shared my farmers-market-shopping - it is something I really love; browsing, talking to the stall holders, sampling & then taking home some special things to share with the family.

While out at the market, we were tempted by the selection of cheeses, the parma ham & fresh tomatoes & knew straight away that they were perfect for home made pizza.

A stop at an en route farm shop provided some really good seeded flour. We all love seeds & even though it is not traditional in pizza, it was what we used.

My wondering star daughter & her chap are passionate about their food & so I was only too happy to leave them to it while I did what I like doing - taking photos!

Parmesan, mature cheddar, goats cheese for toppings ....

 Really good parma ham from the market stall

Freshly made tomato sauce with passata, garlic & chillies

A vegetarian pizza topping of peppers, spring onions & thinly sliced marrow

 I found this slicer on a market stall years ago - it has 'patent pending' on it so I think it is the original one & it works a treat at slicing various thicknesses so we used it on the cheeses

Fresh herbs from our garden, snipped with my special herb scissors

This is a ham, cheese & tomato pizza in the making


This one ham, cheddar & goats cheese with fresh mint (youngest daughter finds goats cheese too rich so it was only on some of the pizzas)

Hot out of the oven

Bubbling hot Vegetable pizza  from the oven

We finished off with a chocolate brownie & ice-cream

Heavenly, I love having the foodies at home because they love trying different foods, wines & are good company. Thanks for a fabulous meal :)

Are you a pizza fan? Which toppings make your mouth water?

Thanks for stopping by & following so I can return the visits.

Dee ~♥~


  1. Wonderful Pizza! It looks delicious, congratulations Dee!


    1. Thank you Marina - it was absolutely delicious ....

  2. Oh YUM! What a great pizza! The dessert looks excellent too! So much fun for summer time.....

  3. I hope that we will get a taste of all this yummy food and treats when we eventually visit you?

    1. That is a certainty - we will most definitely make you some xx


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