Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Birmingham's industrial past …

Do you find it fascinating to explore cities you visit?

While visiting Birmingham over the festive season, we went for a night time walk which always makes it look different.

In the morning, we took a very chilly walk around the industrial / commercial areas near the Jewellery Quarter & St. Paul's Square.

As mentioned, St. Paul's Church was started in 1777 so the area has a long history.

A local pub - the Actress & the Bishop has this claim to fame?

I found this reference to the event:

Prior to the prison opening, the last public hanging in Birmingham was in 1806 of Philip Matsell after being convicted of the attempted murder of Robert Twyford, who was a peace officer (an early form of police officer). Matsell was executed at what was then the junction of Great Charles Street, Snow Hill and Bath Street, on Friday, August 22, at 1.25pm. 

The only hanging appears to be Santa left dangling in the tree outside.

A wondering star daughter & her man tell me that this is rather an interesting place, Eight Foot Grocer- unfortunately closed on Boxing Day but it is named for its small space.

I found this mention of the Eight Foot Grocer & think I might like to pop in on my next visit.

 The Jewellery Quarter is the largest jewellery manufacturing centre in the UK - a fascinating place that I explored with Ms M ….

 Mmmm I love Ethiopian food - I might just have to try this one …

Seen on the top of a building …

The Jewellery Quarter signs ….

How beautiful is this gate? I love the detail & its uniqueness ….

The Chamberlain clock in the Jewellery Quarter

Seen on a building opposite the clock - I wonder who he is & why he is there?

Industrial buildings …

A reminder of the wars & its effect on the Midlands

The Birmingham mark for jewellery

The BT tower ….

This is next to The Jam House pub

A foundry, a reminder of the Industrial heritage of Birmingham

The Snow Hill train line arches with old meeting new ….
I wonder how many people have walked this street through the ages of this city?

I love the canals that crisscross our region - in days gone by, they transported cargo from the Industrial heartland …. Today they are mainly for leisure and it is common to see canalboats passing & negotiating the numerous locks.

Old meets new in Birmingham - this reflection sums up a city built on a solid Industrial past, but one which moves with the times & is modern & vibrant; that is how a city should be …

I hope you have enjoyed these views with me; next time you are out & about, enjoy the heritage & history of the place where you are …

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