Thursday, 4 December 2014

Spode's woodland inspiration

Do you love the trend of woodland inspired interiors & accents?  It appears to still be on trend for Autumn / Winter which is very good news

I admit to being bit of a softie & feed an assortment garden visitors - including an urban fox, an owl, some bats at dusk, squirrels, hedgehogs, birds & even a frog who bathes in our fountain.  We also have a free range, very cute house bunny ….

While visiting the home of the potteries - Stoke on Trent - we popped into the Portmeirion shop & I found these fabulous plates ….

What do you think? Are you tempted by the country look with woodland accents which brings the outdoors in for a cosy feel?

I think it is a lovely Autumn / Fall decor look with a return to nature through the earthy, jewel like colours reminiscent of hedgerow plums, damsons, blackberries & earthy tones. Fauna & flora prints & patterns to accompany the woodland creatures ….

You don't have to live in the countryside to appreciate nature

Which is your favourite one?

Dee ~♥~


  1. They are all so lovely! Don't have a favourite! Thankyou for sharing your beautiful things with us!

    1. Aww thanks Rix - I am going to bring you a gift on some on my next visit :)

  2. Love these,Dee! I favor the middle plate....guess it stands out with two turkeys and no border....

    1. Hi Lynda
      That is a vintage plate that I have had for some years & when I only had small new plates, I rummaged around for the larger ones. They are lovely. Have a fab week & thanks for stopping by again.


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