Sunday, 28 December 2014

St Paul's, The Jewellers' Church, Birmingham

I hope everyone has had a lovely, peaceful festive break with friends & family.

We overnighted in Birmingham & I got to explore a bit more. I love the buzz of our second city with its stunning architecture, the variety of shops, walks, canals & places of interest.

On an evening walk (my favourite time when it is peaceful) we passed St Paul's Square & my a wondering star daughter told me that the ground around the church has mounds because that is where the plague victims were buried & there were so many of them, that the burials created these raised areas around the church.

 Elegant tombs around the church

…. Late of St Paul's Square, formerly of London ….

Old Headstones along the side of the church show the history of the church

Elegant tombs surrounded by lovely buildings …

The BT tower echoes the tower shape - a nod that time doesn't stand still ….

I freely admit to loving history & finding out about the past so I had to return in day light to view it properly.

The church was unfortunately closed but we did wander around & it was a very peaceful place in spite of its dark history.

St. Paul's church was built from 1777 when the Colmore family gave £1000 towards the building costs.
It is said to be a smaller version of the Neo Classical St. Martin's in the Field in Trafalgar Square, London.

St Paul's was set to the side of the city,  with high end housing around it. Many of the pews were let to the wealthy. St Paul's is close to the wealthy Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham so the church was known as 'The Jeweller's Church'

I would love to know the tales these walls could tell & how many are interred in the mounds around the church  - so much history in this small space ….

Thank you for your visit & comments, another year is almost done,
Dee ~♥~

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