Friday, 12 March 2021

Protecting the garden in winter

I have just realised that I did not share  how I protected the garden & plants over winter. Shropshire is in the west Midlands & we do get some really cold weather, our fair share of snow & cold temperatures. 

I always use commercial horticultural fleece sack shapes to cover some pots but have had too many pots from the summer that needed covering. 

While getting rolls of horticultural fleece at our local garden centre, I had an inspired idea to use the outdoors table as a greenhouse type shape. My late grandmother could think of a plan & in no time formulate a design & I take after her in that regard.

I quickly measured the top of the table once it was extended with the two flaps & then checked the measurements on the roll of fleece. 

By doubling up a long run of 2.6 m for the top, I added 70cm for the drop to the paving. I sewed the top pieces together to give me a firm shape, then I used 4 times the amount to stitch the skirt on to the top so it would slip over the table & could be held in place with a length of string around it & the table legs so we can peek in over winter.  I used both rolls of 20m costing less than £10. 

It took less than an hour to cut & sew. We moved the table to the side of the patio, popped a brick under each leg to raise it slightly &  once the loose pots were stacked under the table, we pulled the fleece over & secured it with garden string.  It has remained in place all winter; we have needed to tuck in the bottom under the pots after our strong winds but I am impressed with the design, made to fit what we have. 

My auriculars in their theatre, made over the summer, are not fond of being damp; they do not mind the cold but rot off with being too wet. I used a left over piece to just tuck over the top of wood & secured with the hanging bits on either side. 

How do you keep your pots frost free over winter. Please share your tips. 

Thank you for your time to stop by & read;  each & every visit & comment is much appreciated. in these trying times it is needed, especially by those who give it freely.  Most of all, be safe all please 💖

Dee ~💕~

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