Monday, 15 March 2021

Vintage, coloured cutlery - what is not to like ...

 I have a great love for eclectic things & have some vintage cutlery from my great aunt & my grandmothers set of cutlery in a canteen, as well as a larger 12 of everything I inherited from my mother-in-law. 

I have always loved interesting table settings & using various cutlery sets. The vintage coloured sets always look interesting on the table & they just mark it out as a special setting. These sets are naturally hand wash only, but who cares, they are not used everyday. 

On Sunday, daughter did pancakes & I helped to set the table - I opted for the pretty Portmeirion Portobello plates with their pretty flower borders & then dug about in one of the cutlery drawers (yes, more on that later) for coloured knives, forks & spoons to go with it. 

Sometimes, the exact match eludes me but close is good enough for vintage items; it is not the cutlery for perfectionists ... 

I rather liked the setting & it was a fabulous Mother’s Day breakfast. 

While looking for the coloured items in the many drawers (3 to be exact ... ) I moved some of the cutlery & found .... the nutcrackers that I had searched for several times at Christmas before buying one to use. I must have peeked through all those drawers several times but somehow missed them. They are the vintage ones we use every single year & not I know where they are at least. 

Please tell me that happens to you too? 

I needed spoons from a different drawer (in the conservatory - the ones that tend to hold the cake forks ... ) and I just find joy in the beauty of coloured cutlery. Some are fairly modern but some were my husbands grandparents items & yet they are still in use & that is very special. 

I need to unpack the 3 cutlery drawers & just take stock of what is actually there but that is for another day. 

Thank you for your time to stop by & read;  each & every visit & comment is much appreciated.  Most of all, be safe all please 💖

Dee ~💕~

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