Tuesday, 9 March 2021

My desk holds the special memories ...

 Hi all, 

I apologise for the silence but sometimes life makes you just take a step back. I shared the loss of my Father to Covid in January 2021  and I just needed time to adjust.

Many of you are familiar with my desk, in my private space at home. It is where I keep my sentimental things, the ones you don’t want to share because they are part of your soul. My Henry Macbeth Raeburn lady she has occupied this space. Her calming presence is very welcome each day ... 

These are some of the cards sent by my late Mom, I like seeing them & remembering that connection to being someones daughter ... 

A hand sewn letter holder I made to keep some of the many letters my Mom wrote. It was a labour of love, one that helped me to sew through my sadness ... 

A long time blog follower & Instagram ‘friend’ Lynda reached out again because she sensed the silence & shared some of her experience at losing a parent, she understood the feeling of being an orphan, the loss when you no longer have any parents. I found this so moving & it helped. She sent me some beautiful hand painted cards she paints. I had sent my Dad one of her last ones in October 2020 because I knew he would love it too. Some might remember this needle case I made her during lockdown after she sent me some cards. Reaching out & giving someone some of your support & counsel means a lot. 

How absolutely beautiful are these cards? They just lifted my spirit & she shared her experience of adjusting which helped me greatly. No one prepares you to be parentless, an orphan. 

I have shared photos of my upstairs desk in my bedroom before - my letter holder is at my desk because it contains some of the many letters my Mother wrote to me. She just loved sharing stories of their life & in return, I would write back several times a month, sending cards, letters, photos, newspaper cuttings etc of our life to bridge the gap of living on different continents. 

When she passed, my Dad who has never really been the writer, would send the occasional letter in his neat, copperplate handwriting, always neat, measured writing, a reminder of his time as a technical person & so these are very special to have. 

I have bought some fabrics which I think will contrast nicely with a shirt of his my sister has kept for me to incorporate (at my request). The bias binding / braiding is reminiscent of the airmail stickers used on our post to each other. The two letter holders can then sit side by side on my desk so I have them near me. 

Today marks 9 years since we lost my Mother to cancer, I marked 5 years, a milestone in my mind. It is also the year my devoted parents are together again. I think a second letter holder will be a good way to sew through the adjustments.  

These quote are special .... 

"Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those we love, time is eternity. "

"Don’t be sad for me, we all come to this world as tourists, to enjoy life, go sightseeing, do good deeds. I just happen to be leaving earlier than others."

Thank you for your time to stop by & read;  each & every visit & comment is much appreciated. in these trying times it is needed, especially by those who give it freely.  Most of all, be safe all please 💖

Dee ~💕~

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