Thursday, 7 February 2013

Satchel time ....

Cambridge Satchels are a success story - Cambridge-Satchel-Company-mum tells the story of how the founder Julie Deane started in her kitchen to finance her daughter's education & today is a rags to riches story that we all love.

The daughters, being right on trend, have had their eyes on a satchel & so we duly treated them to one each for Christmas.

In the run up to Christmas, we could only find one classic brown satchel at vintage-shrewsbury - a fabulous shop with gorgeous vintage finds ...

We duly ordered a black one online & then the girls took ages to decide who gets which one & because they have the 15 inch satchel which can hold their lovely notebooks & even an ipad if needed.

The satchels are favoured by the fashion conscious as this article sets out le-brit-it-bag-de-cambridge-satchel-company

Of course, things often come full circle because like many parents, we used leather satchels at school - they were not considered trendy, just what we all used. I don't recall them coming in any particular colours in my time but they certainly did the job of carrying around all our bits. I even had a leather music bag ....

Did you use a satchel at school? Leather or canvas? Trendy or the norm?

This is oldest daughter, Wondering Star's black satchel Wondering Star's Black satchel  choice while youngest opted for the brown one

I love the leather smell of the Cambridge satchels & how beautifully they are made & while browsing their website I thought .... Hmm I wonder what colour I would choose? I am rather inclined towards the Racing Green colour or Antique Gold or White or red ... just so hard to decide!!

What colour would you choose?

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  1. What beautiful satchels! The green color sounds very appealing to me.

    1. I think I am rather partial to that green & to the satchels Sparklegem as they remind me of my own school bags ....

      Thanks for stopping by.


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