Wednesday, 13 February 2013

True love is not just one day ....

I think that true love is too precious to celebrate just once a year ...

Last year I blogged about a funny-little-thing-called-love & it holds true for me.

Advice given to me years ago was to speak to your children & family in the same way that you would speak to friends - if you would not put down, speak or shout at your friends, then it is not acceptable to do it to your nearest & dearest! 

That is a sobering thought & it hinges on respect - respect for yourself & respect for others around you.

Respect must be practised daily in families until it is the accepted way of behaving - for me that is the best display of love - doing things out of love & respect, all the time, not just one day of the year.

A massive bunch of red roses or  the largest box of chocolates will not make a person feel loved & valued if it is not reflected in your everyday manner ...

I love changing things in my home & my heart decorations are things we like & have at home so I collected them together as a symbol of love.

The large heart shaped wreath is one I bought at a local craft fair & love the pinks; it is teamed with 2 strands of Gisela Graham heart bunting & my wooden hearts that are often on the fireplace

Our conservatory sideboard changed to heart bits that I love ....

 I love this African plate with the beaded detail - teamed with love heart sweets & some die letters we love using

 Heart shaped plates - I am sure many of us have these 'Flora' plates ...

 XOXO - always place for a bit of Gossip Girl ...

 It is looking a bit more cheerful - I really love our sideboard x

 Do you observe Valentine's Day? What do you do? I will be thankful for the enduring love of my fabulous Hubby & family - I hope I never take them for granted x

Tell all, thanks for stopping by, always lovely to read your feedback & return the visit.
Dee ~♥~


  1. I do celebrate Valentine's Day by giving gifts and cards. I like decorating too. Your decorations are lovely!

    1. Thanks Sparklegem - hope you have a f♥b day.

      Hubby is not home so we have exchanged cards & messages. Thank you - will head over to your lovely blog again ...

  2. Although "ours truly" is out of the country, i try make the effort and spoil those people around me! I sent Charles lots of messages though and the darling forgot that it was Valentines Day!! Not a problem. We make the best of it here at home. Have a look at what i did on my blog.
    I just love the way you decorated youe dresser!!
    Take care.

    1. My dear Riekie - your blog is stunning - I will promote it again as I love stopping by it to see what amazing things you have made
      D xx

  3. I am a fan of your clock plates! You are spot on with the respect notion that it must be practiced daily....we need it most in our schools/middle & high school especially. It must be taught at home and reinforced elsewhere..... Lovely sideboard and thought provoking post!

    1. Thanks Lynda - I love my Pocket watch plates too as they are a constant reminder that time is precious.
      Thank you for your kind comments- it would be good to teach more respect in our schools ...

      Thanks for stopping by


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