Monday, 4 February 2013

Updates on posts ...

I follow many blogs & always enjoy getting updates on looks or development so I think that some updates are in order here too ...

I shared my first photographing-beautiful-wedding-behind the scenes with you as I joined daughter as her second camera.

I then gave you all a glimpse of the lovely couple photographing-beautiful-wedding-2

This past week a beautiful handwritten THANK YOU card & envelope dropped through the door from the couple. I love the writing & how they took the time to send it - isn't that special?

I love thoughtfulness like that because there is something special in someone taking time to write a proper note as I blogged here about emails-are-just-not-letters

I also shared my frustration with you about my pesky squirrels who eat my bulbs at home & generally take over trying-my-patience.

I planted some hyacinth bulbs late in November & kept them safe in the garage until I noticed growth then brought them in. I had found some coloured bulbs on sale after I had planted the white ones & so I potted them up too ...

Well worth it as we now have the most heady scented Hyacinths in the house - well worth the effort. Do you grow any?

My love of handbags is well known & something I have blogged several times ♥


Michael Kors


In working handbags, I shared my two Fiorelli's that I use for carrying around all my tutoring bits.

I have added another working bag to the list - a pink Radley satchel bag - isn't it just too lovely ♥

How can you not enjoy your working day with a lovely bag on your arm?
It is just big enough for the things I need with my eldest girl students as they appreciate such things as nice bags ....

I know as soon as I press - p u b l i s h - another update will spring to mind ...

Have a good week, I always enjoy your feedback; hope you enjoyed the updates!

Dee ~♥~


  1. hello darling
    i love the hyacinths and you have inspired me to get "potting".
    just love your blog.

  2. Thanks Riekie my dear - get potting as the colour is just fab.

    I blogged my special gifts at

    D xx


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