Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring has sprung ...

... and in typical form, it did not come meekly!

 I shovelled 6 inches of snow off the drive yesterday for the school run & another 6+ inches is still falling - thank heavens it is weekend.

 I do like the garden & hedges with snow on it - that wash line cover has been battered by winter & needs replacing but ...

 A patio set, recently gifted by a friend who moved - is certainly not going to see any tea & chat this week unless I light the chimnea  ...

My shed at the bottom of the garden is groaning under the weight of the snow. The tall top mouldings are not even visible under the snow

I topped up all our bird feeders yesterday & hope our blue tits don't have eggs or babies in the nesting boxes they use ...

The upstairs view from upstairs across the Staffordshire borders ...

It is not all doom & gloom - it means we can just catch up with things at home & I think some hot scones might be on the menu for afternoon tea.
Shropshire Spring

What is Spring like where you are? Enjoy your weekend,
Dee ~♥~


  1. your photos are beautiful and i love the everything looks perfect to me..

    1. Thank you Tipsy one - it does look perfect & snow is always better at weekends when we don't have to go out unless we want to ...

      D xx


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