Sunday, 27 October 2013

Birmingham ....

Hi my lovely followers - always pleased to log on & see who has visited & left me some comments.

On my way back from  London I have to change trains in Birmingham for home & being the second largest city, it is always a favourite place.

Early morning, prefect time to get the camera out again as the city comes to life & before it is filled with people ...

As much as I love people, I just don't like photos where there are too many random people distracting from the view. Who else is like this?

Coffee time first then off to enjoy some familiar sights

Iconic symbols of commercialism & religion meet at the Bull_Ring,_Birmingham

The very modern Selfridges_Building,_Birmingham

The Birmingham Bull "At the main entrance to the west building stands The Guardian, a 2.2-metre (7 ft 3 in) tall bronze sculpture of a turning bull. It was created by Laurence Broderick[38] and has become a very popular photographic feature for visitors to Birmingham"

Nelson standing tall

We will fight for the right to be FREE -

The juxtaposition between the shiny commercial Selfridge Bull ring on the left & St_Martin_in_the_Bull_Ring church on the right

The beautiful Birmingham Town Hall in early morning light - the fountains switched off so the reflections are particularly beautiful ....

Queen Victoria looking rather disapproving over the City

My day started ....

and ended with a train trip ...

On my familiar trip home I could sit back, enjoy the lovely rural scenery & some of the pretty stations - knowing that as much as I enjoy the bustle of London & Birmingham, the rurals of Shropshire are what energises me ...

Thank you for reading my blog - I hope you have enjoyed the visit too ...

Dee ~♥~


  1. What a funny walk with you! Early in the Sunday Morning!


    1. Thanks for stopping by again Marina - I love cities & towns when they are quiet & peaceful ... have a good Sunday my friend ...

  2. What an amazing, multi-cultural city! I just 'love' the reflections so beautifully captured of my favourite cities to many sights, sounds and fab shops to spend time and money in....


    1. Oh Mrs B my dear, we both love Birmingham - the city just buzzes with so much to see & do. Almost German market time - tempted again but all those people ...

  3. What a beautiful city! Such an interesting mixture of old and new.



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