Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Time to layer up the bed ...

I am a wimp - I don't mind admitting it at all but I like to be cosy once I settle for the night.

My lovely pink-paisley-for-summer set has been so uplifting that I have been loathe to part with it but ... the first sign of darkness & a chill in the night air & I have scoured the linen cupboard for something more comforting!!  This one is heavier & it feels more substantial ....

Lots of pillows (for reading) and warming light ....

An unwelcome fever & chills (new students always share their flu ...) perhaps made me wrap up even more but my Wondering Star daughter made some hot chocolate with Lindt chocolate & almond milk & that certainly was good ....

I always love the warmth of candles glow in dull weather - don't you just love my new 'vintage' red candlestick with droplets?

Do you also feel the need to just 'nest' with warm things as the nights draw in? I think I am ready to hibernate ....

Thanks for stopping by,
Dee ~♥~


  1. Your bed looks so comfy. Hope you're feeling better.

    1. Thank you - a quiet day all medicated with flu capsules & I feel much betterl Thanks for stopping by ....

  2. beautiful....the room is very inviting...and the candles...well...who doesn't love candlelight for atmosphere....definitely compulsory now that our clocks have gone

    1. I know you are also a massive candlelight fan; as you say, it is a must now the clocks have gone back & the nights draw in so quickly. Curtains closed, candles on ... xx


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