Sunday, 20 October 2013

London calling ....

Hi everyone

Sorry that I have been absent but London was calling last week & that is a call that could not be refused!

StacySparkle needed to be in London for a formal dinner so we met up at her university to make our way from Shropshire to London - with some time to spare only to find at the last minute that our booked train was cancelled due to a tree on the track at New Street Station ...

I know - when you really have to be somewhere & that announcement comes on, your heart really sinks! Virgin Trains directed us across to Moor Street Station where we managed to board a later Chiltern Trains to London.

Nice enough but it was bringing us into Marylebone Station at rush hour instead of our original Euston Station at an earlier time.

We calculated our time & with 2 tube changes across rush hour London, we would just about get to the hotel to change then make the 3 blocks back to her event.

So plan B was hatched with some lovely co-travellers. She changed into everything except her evening gown, then 2 lovely ladies found a mirror for her to do her make-up while another helped out to curl her hair on the train. A business lady who was working on her laptop worked out exactly which tubes we needed & from which lines so that we were ready when the train stopped in Marylebone.

A rush to the busy tube stations to join the crush of those starting their homeward journeys, do our 2 changes, find an obliging taxi driver to give us directions to our Apex-london-wall-hotel, a quick 20 minute change then off to the very plush Grocers Hall for her ....

She looked stunningly elegant in her elegant Coast dress & jacket - perfectly elegant & conservative for the event.

She met up with me afterwards & we did some photos then off to our hotel for some much needed rest.

My littlest one had become a confident young lady - perfectly at ease in a very formal setting & knowing she looked good!

How proud we are as parents when our fledglings are able to take on challenges & new situations with ease & poise!

Thank you for stopping by; I always enjoy your comments.

Dee ~♥~


  1. Wonderful Dee! What a situation! I guess you were very nervous but it had to be a emotive and happy moment. I'm very glad for you. Hugs and congratulations for that beautiful daughter

    1. Thank you Marina - you are too kind. We are very proud of our daughter x


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