Sunday, 24 November 2013

Better late than never - potting up for Winter

I know - you might just be like me & leave things to the last minute but Summer rushed by & I just didn't even get to potting up any hyacinths that we always have indoors for Winter.  With our pair of resident squirrels helping themselves to my bulbs I have been a bit disheartened by their love of hyacinth bulbs.

I reasoned that seen as bulbs are cheap to buy in flower, it is not worth shooing off squirrels ....

However, this week while I popped into a local garden centre, I saw all their bulbs were now half price because it is so late in the season & so I decided to get a few late ones to pot up.

Potting up bulbs is one of those relaxing activities - a challenge to see if they will respond & it satisfies the gardener in me to see them thrive ...

Luckily there was just enough potting soil left in the bag.

I know the bulbs will be indoors so I potted them up in containers that were in a box for the charity shop as they are so seldom used - perfect!

The paperwhites & grape hyacinths together

My dear sister-in-law Ms M bought this delightful vintage container while on a visit some years back & it is always potted up with daffodils so that is what I did again. Don't you just love the pot?

My terracotta trays with last years crocuses & grape hyacinths that will be moved to the front porch have been moved from their place behind the herb planters to under the bench & covered with horticultural fleece for protection. Hopefully they will be as lovely as always.

My new bulbs are now on a shelf in the garage, out of the elements & away from the squirrels. I look forward to their colour ...

Do you plant up for Winter? What favourites will you plant or buy?

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