Friday, 22 November 2013

Rustic & White Vintage French charm

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Thanks for stopping by again to share my updates & adventures. This week, some sick students meant that I could just randomly take time to head off for some much needed calm space.

I had reserved these fabulous vintage zinc stencils at  Rustic & White in Shrewsbury so I seized the moment to browse while there.

Rustic & White is always on my way up from the parking & is always so interesting to look at her fabulous finds.

Her Christmas window is absolutely stunning so I asked to take photos for my blog to share her stunning wares ... enjoy

A gorgeous vintage Christmas display that is totally in keeping with the Tudor high street in Shrewsbury. Don't you just love the deer? I am totally in love with the gorgeous vintage bunting in her window - calm, neutral & so original - will have to make some me thinks ....

I love the beautiful 'wish bottles' with the messages & keys because they combine elements I love - music, keys, vintage things & originality.

I was so tempted by the vintage Steiff Deer but resisted. Isn't he just adorable?

Another of my weaknesses - beautiful frames. I just loved the selection of generous frames. There is something rather elegant & solid about a generous frame on a mirror or picture ... I need more walls!

All homes need fabrics & soft furnishings - some lovely bunting & fabric garlands in the shop. I love the calmness of the neutral fabrics. My inglenook fireplace usually has bunting & these neutrals are perfect. More on my to-do list ... perhaps I should do the 'bunting workshop' held at the sewing room at Rustic & White?

Dotted about the shop are interesting vintage metal finds - some zinc letters, old baking items, vintage French candle holders for the Christmas tree ....

Spoilt for vintage frame choice - I love the heavily detailed centre frame

 Vintage browsing in a lovely town is the perfect way to spend an unexpectedly free day - more so when you find a few things that are perfect for your own home. I will reveal my lovely vintage candle sticks I found very soon - those who know me will not be surprised by my choice!

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  1. So many lovely things. I love that glassware. Beautiful!

    Greetings from Finland,

    1. Thank you for stopping by - there certainly were so many lovely things ....

  2. I'd be like a kid in a candy shop there! So many lovely things.

    1. I agree Debs - so many tempting vintage things - I was restrained only because she is close so I can stop by anytime hehee


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