Thursday, 7 November 2013

My lady is framed at last ...

I shared my delightful lady by the very talented Henry_Raeburn & henry-macbeth-Raeburn & I have been contemplating her frame for a long time.

She does not fit into our lounge with its red wall & black frames with maps & pictures.

However, she is perfectly at home upstairs above my shabby chic desk in my room - a calm, peaceful presence that I rather like.

Perhaps it is her elegant features & the calming colours that is so pleasing?

I always  have great difficulty deciding on pictures to hang at home because I like them to be things that are personal & individual & would rather live with a blank wall than with something that I am not happy with ...

I recently got quite excited at finding a vintage gold frame - truly stunning frame but when I got it home, I found it would swamp my lady.


However, getting her downstairs spurred me into action & I decided to take her to a local framer that has done several others of ours at maws-gallery.

After some deliberation & testing many coloured mounts & frames against it, I decided against a gold frame. Instead, I decided on an almost vintage chic one which will be perfectly at home in my calm cream bedroom.

As much as reason said she should be in a traditional black or brown frame, it did not look right & since she is entirely mine, I went with what I liked most; selfish pleasure because she is tucked away upstairs, away from visitors ...

So at last, after several years, my lady is properly framed & elegant once more.

She is back where she belongs above my desk & I think she looks like she is 'home'

Thanks for sharing this journey with me, always pleased to read your comments & to return the visits to your inspirational blogs.

Dee ~♥~


  1. She certainly looks very much at home in your bedroom....I hope she brings you much inspiration. The frame is perfect! :) xx

    1. Thank you my friend - I just like working at the desk & seeing her there ....

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Marina - I am very pleased with her now ....


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