Friday, 13 March 2015

The kitchen is beautiful …..

I shared the journey of the new kitchen over these past two posts - modernisation-is-needed-in-kitchen the-kitchen-being-transformed & it is not until it is finally completed that you can look back over the choices you made (so many choices & decisions need to be made) & then & only then do you know if it all works as well as you hoped.

The line of cupboards with a lovely long counter / work top. Simple cupboard / drawer pulls don't distract from the cupboards at all …

The double oven was moved to the far left & a large storage cupboard mirrors it on the far right leaving a long work space between which makes the kitchen feel more open & airy!

The kitchen looking towards our dining room side 

We stepped the end line of cupboards back to narrower units to add interest & because it breaks away from a galley kitchen look. 

Tall cupboards frame the windows - perfectly.  The kitchen windows are private, facing the garden, so we have consciously left off curtains & blinds because we love the clean, uncluttered look of the windows & the view.  The two counter top cupboards that frame the windows serve very useful purposes: one holds all the mugs & paraphernalia for making tea & coffee behind solid doors, the other has a glass front to display some of our pretty glasses - perfect spaces with everything at hand but away.

The utilitarian utility is now a complimentary space which has lots of storage & clear counter tops. The built in microwave was a very good decision as the space is much more usable.

The view the opposite way - from the dining room to the utility. I love how the space flows. The door between the two rooms was removed during the work & once the flooring was down, I thought the space looks a lot better without it, so for now, it is staying off as the two rooms just flow so well.

That flooring - the tiled 'floor boards' are just so right for the space.  The boiler was encased in the utility (top left) which makes an untidy unit look much better. We opted for a built-in microwave to free up the counter top & streamline the area too. Our existing fridge / freezer was built in with storage above.

We opted for a stainless steel zinc / basin in the utility because we use this basin a lot.  The unit is also a very  generous size to suit our needs. When cooking, the hot oven trays are brought through to the utility to be washed or put out of the way if we have friends over so a large size was needed. We kept the fittings  & subway / metro tiles the same in both rooms.

The kitchen basin is ceramic which is perfect for that space & teamed with the large stainless steel one in the utility, we have a very good balance.  The dishwasher is integrated by this basin, so it is hardly noticeable but used all the time. 

The test of any space - how it works everyday!  

We had spent a lot of time in the planning, making several changes & are completely happy with the choices as they all work well. I am especially pleased with the large pot drawers under the hob & the two under the ovens as it is so much easier to store & use the pots in stead of digging around in a cupboard.  The top draw under the hob holds all our spices so they are handy for cooking but are out of the way & off the countertops.  

The long shape lends itself to two lines of cupboards but the change in depth of the one line adds interest, as does the 2 cupboards framing the windows.

We decided on tall cupboards that were 'scribed' to the ceiling so that there was no space at the top for dust to gather. By doing this, we have used all the space & the upper shelves are perfect for storing the items not used too often.

The long line of counter tops make the space feel more open & spacious. Several friends have commented that by losing the small return cupboards on the section before the utility, it has opened up the space so much more. Small choice which have made a difference to the overall feel of the room.

I have made a conscious effort to keep the counter tops free so that cleaning is easy & truth be told, I love the clean, uncluttered lines of the space which is so easy to keep clean.

We all love our new space and the house is now very much our home,  reflecting our taste, choices & style.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me. I always love your comments.
Dee ~♥~


  1. Love your floor, your sink, your mixer, hahaha, beautiful kitchen

    hugs from Spain


    1. Oh thank you Marina - that mixer was a gift last year & it is …. wonderful for cakes & biscuits & all the things that are nice :)

      Hope your weather is good in Spain, thanks for stopping by, have a good Easter x

  2. What a gorgeous kitchen! Love the quick turnaround ! Enjoy!

    1. Oh thanks Lynda - it is such a lovely space now that I just love being in there & cooking which is not good for the waistline …. Have a good week, I hope Spring has arrived your side x

  3. NICE job!! A well planned kitchen.

    1. Thank you very much william - the best test is how well it works for us; it is a dream with lots of storage & enough counter top space to work on easily. Thank you for stopping & taking time to leave a comment!

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