Monday, 9 November 2015

Helping out with some projects …

Hi everyone
As my regular visitors know, I always have a project or two on the go all the time. I love changing things around & trying out new things.

I have always been keen to wield a paintbrush when needed & some years back, I did some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint courses to familiarise myself with all the techniques that are so popular because I believe that we should always be prepared to learn new skills …

Some of my projects include -
Creating a uniform entrance hall

Painting a vintage frame

Painting an elegant graphite mirror

A vintage suitcase is transformed

Updating a vintage sewing box

Updating a tea trolley

making a picture ledge

Emperor Silk for my personal desk

I am also happy to try my hand at various sewing projects which came in handy too

New cushions for the summer house

Making a fabulous new headboard for uni

My Friend Ellie has been busy on a project for a new built-in headboard.   She tells the story over on her blog

I was called on to help out with the painting as she has not used Annie Sloan chalk paints. We got advice - and paint from a fabulous local supplier who looked at the inspiration picture & advised on the steps we should follow to achieve the results.  I always like to consult a professional, independent person because their experience makes the process much more successful

Then, with a bag of Annie Sloan paints in my hand, we headed off to Term Cottage to begin the painting.  Ellie had bought some lovely mouldings from a local hardware supplier I had used for a previous projects so we first made some tea then planned the painting - important step to be sure what we were to do.

First step - a coat of Old White to cover the primer & to give it a good colour to distress back to.

Old White on the mouldings to give a colour to distress back to …

Then boldness - the colour Ellie chose - Annie Sloan Provence

The coat of Annie Sloan Provence now completely covering the Old White

Then dry brushing with Annie Sloan French Linen to give depth & age to the moulded details …

I like distressing by using a damp rag & wiping back gently through the paint layers because I find it less messy than sanding, and because I find it easier to control how much distressing is being done.

I wiped back the mouldings, going with the curves & lines to emphasise the lines. Some were taken back to the Old White paint, others parts less so, & French Linen was dry brushed in to the curves.

The main headboard part was brushed with French Linen to bring in the brown colour, done so that it blends in to give depth.

Waxing time - clear wax brushed on & gently rubbed to deepen the colour  ….

The last two are Ellie's photos  - the routed top board is added to the headboard which ties in with the French Linen colour used …

I left Ellie to add any further touches she wanted then returned to help with the cushions that hang in the middle.  I LOVE the fabric choice.

We cut & sewed 2 hanging cushions to form a padded headboard. The fabric choice is so lovely and the completed project is beautiful.

The paint work on this project was interesting to get the right balance between the 3 Annie Sloan colours of:
                  - Old White
                 - Provence
                 - French Linen

Once waxed with clear wax, the colours deepen too so I am very pleased with the paintwork, especially on the mouldings where there is real depth of colour which is reminiscent of old, time worn pieces.

A great project for the space & it looks fabulous & is functional as well ….

I hope this has given you some idea of how complex it is to see a project through from vision to completion. I am very pleased to have been able to contribute my skills to her vision.

Thanks for stopping by & for reading the post. Your comments are always appreciated.

Dee ~♥~


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