Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sunshine Susie sideboard

Hi everyone

It does not feel very Spring like in Shropshire. March has brought cold winds, some unsettled weather & icy rain which does not feel Spring like at all.

My regular visitors know that I have a great love for crockery / china. I decided to use this pretty vintage set as a Spring sideboard setting on Mother's Day in the UK.

This was Olive's set - she kept it in a small glass cabinet in her living room & it always came out when we ate together. It was a set she was particularly fond of & I found that I did not want to just send it off when her house was cleared so it came home with me ...

I told Olive's story here ....

This is the first time it has been out - I think it looks rather good on the sideboard ...

The pattern is very traditional but pretty - Olive loved flowers & so it was no surprise that this was a favourite set.

Many readers are curious about the origins of patterns so this is the back stamp ...

Sunshine Susie what a lovely name for a pattern.

Sunshine Susie looks pretty on our sideboard, I hope it is soon reflected on the weather & in the garden ...

Thank you for stopping by, I hope Spring has arrived wherever you are, except of course if you are in the Southern Hemisphere & you are preparing for Autumn.

If you are celebrating Mother's Day today, have a fabulous day.
Dee ~♥~

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